What should I expect on my first visit?

The first appointment will mainly consist of a consultation although some therapy will normally be carried out. A thorough consultation is important to try to determine what may be the factors behind your painful condition, or in the case of a sporting injury, to fully understand the mechanism of the injury. Dependent upon your condition you may be asked to perform or be taken through certain movements. This along with completion of a questionnaire, observation, and palpation will form the core of the consultation. An agreement will then be made regarding the best course of treatment for your condition / injury. At the commencement of each subsequent treatment a shorter examination will be combined with patient feedback to determine the appropriate therapy for each session. You will probably be given some advice and home therapy to supplement your treatment sessions.       

What should I wear? 

To aid with examination and treatment loose fitting sports wear is ideal, but preferably wear some shorts that are not too long.  

Can I bring someone with me? 

There is no problem if you wish to attend with a friend or family member.

How many treatments will I require?

This is totally dependent on each individual's aims of treatment and the condition presented.  For most treatable conditions considerable improvement is normally evident over a course of 4 treatments. Chronic pain syndromes may involve a larger number of treatment sessions due to the long standing nature of the condition and potentially the larger number of factors involved. The time involved with rehabilitation of an injury is dependent upon the severity of the original injury, the ultimate aim of the patient and the degree of active participation of the patient in the rehabilitation process.   

I have never had a treatment, I am unsure of the benefits of therapy.

This is completely understandable. In order to be able to experience the benefits of physical therapy please enquire about a taster session. Non oil massage treatment can also be applied through one layer of clothing, please enquire about this effective Japanese based therapy.  

I have often thought about trying therapy but I am very wary of having my neck cracked! 

Manipulations definitely have their place in therapy, but many conditions will respond to soft tissue and joint mobilisation without the need to resort to joint manipulations. I have many years experience of using joint mobilisations.

Why can't I simply let an injury heal on its own?

All injuries will heal on their own but how well have they healed? How well did you manage the early stages of the injury? How well did you mange the injury when it was still vulnerable to re-injury? Have you gone back to your sport and you keep breaking down? Proper management of an injury through its normal stages of healing and a thorough programme of rehabilitation will give you the best chance of returning to your sport or occupation in the knowledge that you are ready to compete or work again with a reduced likelihood of subsequent breakdowns or long term detrimental effects.