Spinal Maintenance

A spine which has regular maintenance treatments and therefore has spinal joints functioning at their optimum will enable a person to function at their best and will help to prevent many back aches and pains. 

Have you ever considered how many joints there are in the spine? Have you ever considered how a dysfunctional joint or joints can overload other areas of the spine and eventually lead to movement restrictions and pain?

Did you know many back muscle spasms are caused by dysfunctional joints?

Do you spend much of your life in a seated position - travelling to work, sitting at work, travelling home, sitting at home - all contributing to the development of unnatural flexion which can load your spinal joints in ways that can lead to pain.

Or conversely do you carry out much manual work, lifting, carrying, twisting and stretching - again this can overload your joints and may well cause your body to develop compensations and stress sections of your spine.

In fact if you currently do not have any treatment then it is very likely that your spine has some dysfunctional joints which at best may give you an occasional stiffness or at worst a severe jolting 'stop you in your tracks' pain.

Also when you think that your back has ‘healed’ has it really returned to its optimum condition? or has your body recovered but with a reduced capability? Has this less than ideal recovery meant there is a greater chance of an occurrence of another painful episode in the coming months? Yes the body can heal and compensate, but it often does so by laying down scar tissue which will result in less effective movements and will set up a scenario for a future painful episode. Effective therapy and education can help to minimise the future likelihood of a painful episode and minimise its severity should it occur.

Contact me to discuss a treatment plan relevant to your lifestyle and occupation - your spine deserves it!