"What is Myofascia? Is it causing my pain?"

Is myofascia the source of your pain?

Myofascia is one of the subsystems of the body's fascial network. The research into the effects of the fascial network on the form, function and painful dysfunctions of the body has had a major upsurge in the last decade with a vast amount of research data being published.

Myofascia may well be a significant cause of your current painful condition!

The myofascia is connected with the musculoskeletal system of the body and is therefore heavily involved in all movements of the body. In a pain free body the myofascia happily goes about transmitting force across our muscles and joints as we go about our daily lives. Unfortunately the influences of occupation, sports / pastimes, posture and natural ageing can bring about detrimental physiological changes to the myofascial network. The consistency of the myofascia changes, it may become thicker and less flexible and become more resistant to certain movements. As movements become less efficient the nervous system begins to register this change and eventually makes us aware something is wrong first with an ache and later with pain.

Fortunately there are now established treatment methods that can be used to successfully treat the changes to the myofascia and thus ease your pain. This will obviously not happen overnight and will probably take a course of treatments, but significant improvements can be gained after a few treatment sessions....after all how long has it taken to get into this painful condition!

Ally this to other changes to your life such as posture, strength, endurance and movement patterns and you may well find myofascial release therapy to be the panacea to your pain and discomfort.