Massage - Can it really help me?

Massage therapy

Massage therapy



The term massage encompasses a large and varied number of techniques and approaches. Massage in its simplest form entails any hands on techniques involving stroking, rubbing, lifting and squeezing of the tissues with or without a skin lubricant. More advanced forms of techniques practiced under the umbrella term of massage include techniques used by Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors and even Acupuncturists. 

I believe the time is right for the massage bodies / authorities to distinguish between the various forms of massage so as to enable the public to know which type of massage practitioner to go to for treatment. A simple split may be Spa massage and Clinical massage?

Who can benefit from massage and what can it treat?

The answer to this question would fill a very long blog post so I will give a few random examples of who / what I have treated this week.

I have helped a lady recovering from a stroke, a more mature gent struggling with a thigh problem that was keeping him awake at night and 'more importantly' stopping him play golf, a G.P. with a painful neck, a talented teenage footballer desperate to play in a final this weekend, another mature gent still turning out to play veterans football and several neck and shoulder problems, some with related headaches and some with related nerve sensations down the arm.

As you can see 'Massage' can help with many types of soft tissue, joint and nerve pain. It may well take several sessions to get to the root of the problem and it may involves lifestyle changes by the client but don't underestimate the potential effectiveness of massage.