Maintain Mobility & Flexibility

How great would it be to maintain a supple and flexible body throughout our lives!!

It is refreshing to see more people taking up all kinds of exercise from dancing to running and strength and conditioning. Yoga and Pilates continue to gain in popularity as more people find the benefits of trying to maintain a flexible healthy body.

More people are also beginning to realise how effective manual therapy can be in regaining and maintaining joint specific and whole body suppleness and flexibility.

Certain muscles are prone to shortening as we go about our daily lives. Muscles and fascia can shorten and lose pliability from sport, exercise, occupation and the tissue loading experienced throughout our day to day activities.

Any prolonged and repeated posture such as sitting can cause tissues to shorten and result in a loss of flexibility and mobility. 

Manual therapy techniques can achieve increases in the ease and ranges of your movement that no amount of self stretching can achieve. I am not deriding self stretching, in fact I advocate self stretching to help maintain normal ranges of movement.  

If you want to increase your flexibility and ease of movement and try to regain that fluidity of movement you once had then speak to a suitably qualified therapist about how this may be achieved both as a stand alone approach or as part of your current health and fitness regime.

Contact me today to see how I can help improve your quality of movement.