Trigger Points - are they causing you pain?

Trigger points are not a new concept in the generation of pain. They have been recognised and treated for many years but they are now accepted as being a genuine source and cause of pain.

A trigger point is a hyper-irritable nodule in a taught band of muscle that can generate different types and intensity of pain. The pain can be severe, nagging, fleeting, aching, fluctuating and the source of the pain can often be hard to pinpoint. Perhaps you have had mainstream types of treatment with minimal success, and if the description of your pain fits the pattern described above, then you may be suffering with myofascial pain where trigger points are currently the main source of your condition.

Trigger points are typically activated by repetitive movements, prolonged posture or a sudden unexpected movement such as bracing yourself against a fall.

Trigger points can be treated manually, but it is accepted that the best way to deactivate trigger points is by the use of acupuncture needles.

If you are suffering with a nagging or sharp pain that has not responded to other soft tissue or joint specific techniques then contact me to see if dry needling may help with your particular condition.