Selection of recent testimonials

I have suffered from back and shoulder pain for a number of years and the stress of my job has exacerbated my pain. Since seeing Maz for regular treatments, he’s helped me to manage my symptoms much better and gives me practical advice on how to help myself and manage my condition away from the treatment room. He has always managed to get to the root of my problem explaining the process clearly and respectfully. I have recommended him to two friends, with successful results, and have no hesitation in recommending him to others.
— T Warren
I am so much better! The day after I saw you last, my movement was remarkably improved, as well as the pain levels very diminished. The work you did was gentle and effective, like magic! It was obvious I was in knowledgeable and safe hands. Thank you so much.
— Penny Parks
I have been treated by Maz for over ten years so I feel very happy to recommend him to anyone. I am more aware of my body because Maz has always helped explain any questions or problems and I am always very happy with his answers. I see Maz every four weeks and will continue to do so. My sports are cycling and martial arts. I am almost 55 years of age and am very rarely injured thanks to Maz.
— R Pilkington
After years of intermittent neck and shoulder pains, probably as a result of years working in front of a computer screen, Maz has managed to ease my pains and I am now able to work without being distracted by pain.
— C Pizzuto